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# Article Title
141 A new business mission to France by the Egyptian chemical and fertilizers businessmen
142 Algeria International Fair 2014
143 Press release – March 24, 2014
144 Priority projects regarding investments in Côte d`Ivoire and documentation on the National Development Plan 2012 - 2015
145 Press release – March 6, 2014
146 "Guide for Energy Efficiency in the industry" to reduce production costs
147 Reviewing the Trade Policy of Malaysia and exporting difficulties
148 New Industrial plots in Gharbiyah and Bani Suwayf
149 A Seminar on the advantages of Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) on chemical industry
150 Report on the Ninth Ministerial Conference of WTO, Indonesia
151 Chamber of Chemical Industries and the Customs Authority discussing the problem of dumping
152 New committees by Property taxes to assess industrial properties
153 Sand Declare Jan 2014
154 Press Release – Chamber`s 5th Board of Directors Meeting
155 The Chamber is looking to benefit from the Malaysian experience of Waste Recycling
156 Responsible care of the Egyptian Industry workshop
157 New Protocol between the Chamber and National Bank of Egypt
158 Plastics & Rubber Division Meeting News
159 US $ 30 thousand environmental grant for each Egyptian chemical company
160 EGP 3 million loan from the Egyptian Environmental Compliance Office & Sustainable Development to Egyptian chemical companies
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