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101 Ministry of Petroleum finishes of propylene production project at a cost of $ 1.5 billion in 2018
102 35 companies from the chemical industry sector sign Responsible Care Initiative
103 A new commercial registration law by the Presidential Economic Legislation Committe
104 EGAS: Egypt has 17 trillion cubic feet of crude natural gas
105 American Council for Chemical Industries: safety regulations contribute to attract investment
106 Chemical Industries launches new Egyptian responsible care Program
107 launching of the Egyptian program of responsible care and chemical industries .. Experts: protects workers from diseases and increases exports
108 «Nahda Industries» start using coal investments of 110 million pounds
109 «Chemical Industries» adopt a global program to protect workers against work hazards
110 2400 pounds, the price per ton of free compost
111 Steps towards the start of the global industry conference
112 5 companies begin supplying its share of fertilizer to the Ministry of Agriculture
113 A new crisis between the government and the private sector because of subsidized fertilizer
114 EFI: We signed protocols with factories in different countries to train Egyptian workers
115 Mirgham City of plastics Industries will start end of January 2015
116 Signing of a contract for the first ship to recieve and store liquid natural gas
117 The Egyptian cabinet is discussing a new project for recycling of agricultural waste
118 New TVET conference organized by FEI
119 5 billion LE for importing Liquefied gas
120 FEI`s chairman: Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) should be independent
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