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101 Petroleum Ministry is negotiating with Cyprus to import shipments of gas
102 Discounts by Chemistry Administration for Chamber`s members
103 3 international companies negotiate with electricity to create a coal-fired stations at a cost of $ 12 billion
104 «EGAS» re-pumping 60% of «EBIC» gas share
105 New regulations for marketing industrial plots by The Industrial Development Authority (IDA)
106 New Egyptian specifications for energy saving of electrical appliances
107 «Diesel fuel» blowing a crisis between petroleum and electricity Ministries
108 FEI offers studies to be attached to the projects will be presented to the economic Conference
109 10.000 L.E for the license transfer of hazardous waste
110 Ministry of Petroleum finishes of propylene production project at a cost of $ 1.5 billion in 2018
111 35 companies from the chemical industry sector sign Responsible Care Initiative
112 A new commercial registration law by the Presidential Economic Legislation Committe
113 EGAS: Egypt has 17 trillion cubic feet of crude natural gas
114 American Council for Chemical Industries: safety regulations contribute to attract investment
115 Chemical Industries launches new Egyptian responsible care Program
116 launching of the Egyptian program of responsible care and chemical industries .. Experts: protects workers from diseases and increases exports
117 «Nahda Industries» start using coal investments of 110 million pounds
118 «Chemical Industries» adopt a global program to protect workers against work hazards
119 2400 pounds, the price per ton of free compost
120 Steps towards the start of the global industry conference
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